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Flood Insurance Oceanside NY

Got Flood Insurance? It wasn't just Long Beach and other beachfront communities that suffered from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Oceanside, NY suffered greatly as well One homeowner, Penny, didn’t have Flood Insurance and felt the full effects of this lack of planning when Hurricane Sandy took its toll.   Polluted water went everywhere destroying most of her property which was just too much to bear.  Where did she turn?  Penny called Flood Insurance Oceanside NY, the flood insurance professionals, located in Long Beach,.   If you are logged onto the internet, go straight to Maxx Coverage Corp.


Whether it’s for replacement costs, coverage for structural damage, temporary usage loss, or money for emergency medical expenses, Oceanside NY Flood Insurance is a must for a resident’s peace of mind.  Larry Levinn - with ten years’ experience and multiple insurance licenses – understands life and living on Long Island, as he is a local himself.  He knows firsthand about limited liability and umbrella policies for Flood Insurance Oceanside NY or Merrick, Bellmore, Wantaugh, Massapequa or Massapequa Park!