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Homeowners Insurance Oceanside NY

Imagine Rich’s surprise when he came home from work, only to find his living room flooded with water.  And guess what? Rich didn’t have any Homeowner’s Insurance.  Oceanside, NY residents like Rich are now beginning to see the importance of protecting their homes against any eventuality and are looking to Maxx Coverage Insurance and Larry Levinn’s team of experts to help them find the most cost-effective policies.



Oceanside NY Homeowners Insurance, according to the pros at has become a specialty market, as many companies have dropped out due to an overwhelming number of floods and claims.

Maxx Coverage Corp.’s knowledge of the array of insurance providers is the key to providing their customers and their homes with A+ companies at the most affordable rates.  By taking complicated situations and making them simple, Oceanside NY Homeowners Insurance makes purchasing insurance of any kind an easy and pleasant experience with.


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