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Renters Insurance Long Island NY



Renter's Insurance is affordable and gives you excellent coverage to help with replacement of your belongings and living expenses should your apartment or rental property be damaged by theft, fire or any number of other potential hazards.

  • Renter's Insurance can replace your TV and Computer if a neighbor's pipe bursts and your home is flooded.
  • A fire next door spares your place but water damage from the fire department ruins your expensive couch and you can have it replaced at no cost.
  • Theft can be a stressful event but knowing that your belongings are covered can put your mind at ease.

Renter's Insurance takes care of living expenses, replacement of items and it is so affordable, it just doesn't make sense to live without it.

Call Larry today at 516.889.3636 for a quote. You could be the most careful person but you have no control over the people who live in the next apartment. This is the best way to protect yourself and your assets. It just makes sense!

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